New Year Goal: Have a Baby

New Year Goal: Have a Baby

If your New Year’s Resolution is an 8 lb bundle of joy, click here to learn some suggestions on preparing for pregnancy!

6 Pumping Hacks You Need to Know

6 Pumping Hacks You Need to Know

The pumping life is no joke! Pumping milk for your baby can be uncomfortable and take a lot of time and energy. Here are six of our best tips for making pumping easier and more productive.

5 Tips for Pumping at Work


Going back to work after the birth of your child is a big decision. There are many factors that go into it, with financial stability often being the biggest consideration. However, even though you will be clocking in at work each day, you are still considering providing your baby with the best nutrition from afar: by pumping breastmilk!

Pumping during work takes a lot of commitment and sacrifice, but it can certainly be done. Today we are going to discuss some of the most common "obstacles" that working and pumping moms face, and how to ensure that you can smoothly bypass them for a positive experience pumping milk in the workplace for your little one.

1. Know Your Rights

It is important to note that we have made great strides in the rights of breastfeeding women in the workplace. You are required to be provided a private place to pump breastmilk, that is not a bathroom. While not all offices are large or modern enough to come equipped with a designated mothers' room, you may have an office with a locking door, an empty conference room, or a storage room with seating and electricity that you can use. If your employer provides you one of these areas, it should be shielded from public view and be sanitary.

You should also be provided with reasonable breaks in order to pump. Most working moms pump every three hours for 10-20 minutes per session. Depending on your exact situation you may or may not receive pay during pumping breaks, so talk to your employer about your needs.

2. You Can Multitask While Pumping

If you are not getting paid during pumping breaks, you can try to multitask as much as is convenient for you. You can partake in conference calls (on mute!) while pumping, pump during your lunch break, or review files while pumping. This is especially helpful if you have your own office with a door. There are several types of hands-free pumping bras on the market that you could try, in order to have both hands available for work-related tasks while you are filling the bottles.

3. Milk Storage Doesn't Have to Be Too Complicated

Sanitizing breast pump parts at work after each session sounds like a time-sucking nightmare, but it doesn't have to be. Since it takes several hours for bacteria to grow in room-temperature breastmilk, you can simply place the pump parts in a plastic zip bag after use (make sure you wash your hands well before and after, of course!) and save it for the next session. You can pop the bag in your cooler or refrigerator. If you have an office, you can procure a mini-fridge to store your breastmilk and pump parts during the day. If not, a company refrigerator may be available or you can bring a small cooler with you. If you are insistent on proper cleaning of parts after each use, you can purchase disinfecting wipes specifically made for breast pump parts and give them a swipe after use.

4. You Can Pump Discreetly At Work

A lot of moms are concerned about awkward situations at work related to their pumping sessions. Whether it's the noise, the exposure, the prying comments, or - heaven forbid - prying eyes, it's understandable to feel a little intimidated by the idea of having to pump at work. If you are concerned about discretion, there are several things to try. First, familiarize yourself with the different types of pump on the market: some are very loud, while others are quiet and make hardly a sound that would alert anybody to what's going on. You can also carry your breast pump in style: a breast pump bag like this is beautiful, practical, and hides the utilitarian angles of a breast pump. Thirdly, if you are not in your own office or a designated mother's room, consider having a small sign made that you can hang outside your pumping space to ensure that nobody barges in.

5. Pumping-Friendly Work Attire

Finding clothing that is appropriate for your job - whether you are an office worker, nurse, teacher, engineer, or in any other profession - and still accessible and discreet for pumping can seem challenging to many moms. Many working moms choose to wear nursing tank tops under a nice cardigan, blazer, or suit. This allows them to present a professional appearance while also having the ability to simply unsnap their top underneath for pump access. Button-down shirts, zippered shirts, and front-zip or wrap dresses are also great options for business wear that allows for pumping.

Pumping isn't exactly fast, fun, or easy - especially in the workplace. Know that you are doing a wonderful thing for your baby, no matter how long you choose to continue breastfeeding and/or pumping while working.

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