At Nicky Quick & Company, we are committed to developing our local doula community and investing in our chosen profession


Doula Certification Consulting


With this service, Nicky Quick & Company will assist you with providing information on various doula certification organizations and assist you with selecting the best organization for you professional goals. 




For new aspiring doulas, determining which  certifications to pursue and what steps to take to ensure you are working efficiently towards your certifications can be stressful or confusing at times.  Our owner, Nicky Quick can share with you and guide you through this process and answer any questions that may arise  during this critical time in your professional development 


Doula mENTORING Birth Attendances


With this service, Nicky Quick & Company will  provide you with birth attendances and provide you with direct access to a certified doula to satisfy the requirements of your chosen certification organization.  With this service, you will gain hands on real life birth experience and have the ability to learn and interact with a certified doula to learn and ask questions relative to our profession. 


On-call Doula Backup

$20/day On-Call Rate

This option is for our doula community to have certified backup doula providers through the Nicky Quick & Company network of qualified professionals. With this service, in the event you are in need of a back-up doula, we would offer you a doula to ensure your client and you are covered. (In the event, our doula is called and attends the birth in your absence, the attending doula will be compensated $425 from the original doula for their attendance)